Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Bread is not only a staple food. In our country, it has been a symbol for ages. Are the words of the famous poet Cyprian Kamil Norwid: "For that land where a scrap of bread is picked up From the ground out of reverence For Heaven's gifts..." ("My Song [II]", translated by Walter Whipple) still fundamental to us? It seems that even as the world changes and we move forward, the loaf on the table will always mean something more than just a baking product made with flour and leaven.

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The largest fair event for the food industry will start in exactly 62 days in Poznan!

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In Autumn of 2014, the Poznań International Fair will once again become the scene of the most important meeting of food technology industry. The event will start on September 28th with the Day of a Baker and Confectioner during Baker's and Confectioner's Technologies Exhibition, for which we are waiting a long two years. On September 29th Exhibition of Food Processing Technologies will start and both events will end on 2th October 2014.


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